Bold and unremitting in its depiction of the elderly, The Patron Saints eschews our hyper-individualistic culture obsessed with youth. Taking a head-on approach, husband-and-wife duo Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky peer with fly-on-the-wall access into the beige, featureless corridors of a nursing home, presenting an uneasy yet impactful 'portrait of fading bodies and minds.' Forgoing conventional documentary modes for a poetic treatment of the aging, the residents here, shot over the course of five years, are captured with a disconcerting deadpan realism—candid depictions not unlike Larry Clark’s bruising sexually active teenagers in Kids (1995). Jim, the youngest resident, a paralyzed man who has been in and out of institutions his entire life, is our humble, wisecracking narrator and guide. A startling wake-up call that takes up permanent residence in the mind, The Patron Saints unearths a rare beauty in the bleakest of places. — Justin Mah


72 min / Documentary / 1.78


"profound, never lacking in humor or wisdom" — The Wall Street Journal

"truly poetic" — The Playlist

"unsettling...disquieting...disturbing..." — Indiewire

"a horror film drained of all the horror" **** — Ioncinema


* Winner of the Best New Talent Award from Québec/Canada at RIDM

* Winner of the Magic Hour Award at Planete Doc Film Festival



Directed, Produced, Shot & Edited by Brian M. Cassidy & Melanie Shatzky

Additional Editing by Lance Edmands

Sound Design & Mix by Nicholas Sjostrom