"a small gem of bleak, neorealist portraiture" — The New York Times


"true and stirring...distilled to the bone" — Variety


"raw, intimate and observed with penetrating acuity" — The Hollywood Reporter


"a brave performance, an act of empathy" — Roger Ebert


"Leo's extraordinarily realistic portrayal of a woman at the edge of reason obliterates distinctions between performance art and acting, investing the film with a rare intensity" — Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)


"heightened verisimilitude at its finest" — Time Out New York


"quietly but forcefully, one of the best films of the year" — Thompson on Hollywood


"[Melissa Leo's] performance is absolutely devastating" — New York Magazine






"profound, never lacking in humor or wisdom" — Wall Street Journal


"one of the most powerful Canadian documentaries of recent years" — POV Magazine


"suspended between lucidity and delirium" — Time Out New York


"unsettling...disquieting...disturbing" — Indiewire


"extremely potent" — Filmmaker Magazine


"one of the most haunting, moving, original and important documentary portraits of the elderly ever committed to film" — The Film Corner


"its determined look at the latter, unglamorous years of humanity is truly poetic" — The Playlist


"observational realism serves the filmmakers exceedingly well, creating a humane, almost elegiac atmosphere" — The Globe & Mail


"at once austere and carressing" — The Village Voice


"doesn't flinch from the most depressing elements of senility, abandonment and despair" — Variety


"an impressively stylized document of the institutional apparatus of aging and dying" — Cinema Scope


"bleak...moving...expressionistic" **** — NOW Magazine


"a horror film drained of all the horror" **** — Ioncinema





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