The Delaware Project centers around a young woman's fledgling sense of connection in a landscape that is undergoing rapid development. A precarious highway carries her to a series of doctors' appointments, where it is unclear what ails her. She speaks to no one and expresses nothing. More a tone poem than a traditional narrative, this film defies linear convention in an attempt to show the unceremonious demise of person and place. 

14 min / Fiction / 2007 / 1.78


Directed, Produced, Shot & Edited by Brian M. Cassidy & Melanie Shatzky

Additional Cinematography: Joel Fendelman

Cast: Donita Beeman, Dave Vescio, Kelsey McCabe





* Winner of the Experimental Short Award at the Chicago International Film Festival

* Winner of the EMAF Award at the European Media Art Festival

* Winner of the Experimental Award at the Athens International Film Festival

* Nominated for a Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam